TERMS & CONDITIONS maintains and supports the developmental process service. We have paired up with the top suppliers that will create a quick and easy following for you. Any misconduct will be flagged and eligible for suspension from using our services.

By Purchasing an order, you agree that you fully understand that you buy at your own risk and will not hold or any of its employees or associates liable for any damages done in ordering. You also fully agree to and understand the following policies:

Refund Policy maintains a limited Refund Policy rule. We will grant a full refund if you are not delivered your purchased likes, followers, downloads, or views. In order to recieve your refund, you must contact us at and allow 1-2 business days to fix your issue. If then, you still haven’t recieved your order we will gladly refund your purchase. We work hard to bring you traffic at such low prices, therefore we ask that you do not make any false accusations, false claims or abuse our system in any similar way.

Time Frame can fully guarantee you that you will reach your purchased likes, followers, downloads, or views on time. Please keep in mind that we only can process a few orders per account per day. So if you order more then that for a single account the order delivery will extend in appropriate increments.


In case of server emergencies and/or server maintenance, asks our customers for a 48 hour grace period for all active and pending accounts. In these rare cases, you will be contacted and notified in advance. Business days are considered Monday – Friday (9am-5pm CST).

Purchase at your own risk can not guarantee that all the likes, followers, downloads, or views will stay. Social Media sites sometimes place limits so that is why we give you slightly extra on each order. We do our best to train our profiles and systems. If at anytime a Social Media site decides to delete or suspend any accounts, you will in no way hold us legally responsible for any damages caused. You are purchasing at your own risk and we can not guarantee that every like,follower, download, or view will remain.

By Purchasing you also agree that you have permission and authority to order likes, followers, downloads, or views for the account or url listed. We will not be responsible for an incriminating actions you make and any damages you cause. It is against the federal law to prohibit unlawful and hendering actions against another persons property, so please do not do it. We can not legally be held responsible.

**NOTE** If your purchase a package it is IRREVERSIBLE. We can not reverse your likes, followers, downloads, or views so please do not ask. Trying to reverse the process could put your account at danger so we CAN NOT and WILL NOT attempt it.